Umman Anonim Şirketi stands out as a recognized and reliable name in the construction sector. Our company, which has been focusing on quality and customer satisfaction for many years, continues to add value to construction projects. Now, with the sale and installation of the Fixed 120 M³ Concrete Plant in İzmir, we provide significant benefits within the country.

İzmir is an important center in Turkey’s construction industry. Umman Anonim Şirketi offers a special solution for construction projects in İzmir: the Fixed 120 M³ Concrete Plant. This high-tech plant contributes to the success of construction projects by making concrete production more efficient and effective. Suitable for both large-scale projects and smaller tasks, this plant makes İzmir’s construction sector more competitive.

Umman Anonim Şirketi places great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Products such as the Stationary 120 M³ Concrete Plant are manufactured in compliance with high-quality standards and using durable materials. We not only sell products but also provide support at every step, including installation, training, and service.


By selling and installing the Fixed 120 M³ Concrete Plant in İzmir, we provide significant benefits to local construction projects. This makes İzmir’s construction sector faster, more efficient, and more sustainable. Additionally, it creates employment opportunities, stimulates the local economy, and offers more job prospects in the construction field.

Umman Anonim Şirketi takes pride in its contribution to the development of İzmir’s construction sector and will continue to work on adding more value to a greater number of projects.

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