Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete Mixers and Concrete Plant Components

Concrete Batching Plants are used for the production of high quality concrete in various construction applications such as building, road and bridge construction. Mobile, Compact and Fixed concrete plants designed for different applications, UMMAN provides special solutions for different concrete types such as RCC, Road Concrete and Fiber Reinforced concrete according to the special requests of its customers.

Stationary (Fixed) Concrete Batching Plants

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants are designed for mass production, high quality concrete production based on maximum capacity, flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Thanks to its flexible structure that can be redesigned, it can respond to user needs. It is preferred for businesses that have to change their workspace frequently.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are one of the most preferred plant types due to the low transportation costs, the low settling concrete required for the plant installation and the short commissioning time.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Compact Concrete Batching Plants are a multi-functional concrete batching plant that combines the advantages of a mobile concrete batching plant and a stationary batching plant. Compact concrete batching plants are concrete plants that can be installed easily and can produce at high capacity.

Concrete Mixers

UMMAN Concrete Mixer Mixer ensures that concrete production is produced in the most economical way. It is produced for you with its strong and easy-to-maintain advantages with its structure designed to be suitable for every project.

Concrete Plant Components

Umman offers many Concrete Plant Equipments such as Spare Parts, Cement silo, Automation system, Concrete Recycling Unit to its customers in the most appropriate way.

What is Concrete Plant?

Concrete Batching Plant is the general name of the facilities where materials such as gravel, sand, water and cement are mixed at the desired rate and quickly produced ready mixed concrete.

What are Concrete Plant Components?

Concrete Plants have equipment such as cement silo, concrete mixer, mixer feeding band, aggregate bunker, Automation System.

Concrete Plant Prices

Ready mixed concrete, which is produced in concrete plants, is used in many sectors. It is mostly used in road construction and construction industry. When you want to set up a Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant, you must determine your needs exactly. There are many points to consider before purchasing a concrete batching plant. Concrete batching plant should be preferred according to the need. The prices of the concrete batching plants we manufacture are determined according to the concrete volume you need, by determining the type and characteristics of the concrete batching plant. We provide convenience to our customers with economical payment terms. You can contact us for more detailed information about our price and concrete batching plant solutions.

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Ready-mixed concrete batching plants are plants that supply concrete to projects such as construction, which are generally located in urban areas and need concrete. The concrete produced in these plants is transported to the project areas by the trans mixer.

How a Concrete Plant Works

Regardless of the type of concrete batching plants, the working logic is the same. Concrete Batching Plant works on 3 main components. These are Aggregate, Cement and water. Aggregates are weighed and placed in the feeding hoppers and transferred to the mixing unit. Water and cement etc. from the weighing hoppers on the mixer. The substances are poured into the concrete mixer mixer. In the final stage, the mixing process is carried out by pumping water. When the concrete plant is operated with the necessary instructions for use, the operation of the plant will take place spontaneously and without any problems.


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