Concrete Plant Working System, How Does a Concrete Plant Work?

Concrete batching and mixing equipment components include aggregate batching machine, screw conveyor, weighing system, mixer machine, cement silo, and control cabin.
According to the difference in raw materials, nearby concrete plants can produce concrete of different hardnesses. However, its raw materials generally contain sand, cement, water, volatile ash, stone and additives.

Concrete batching plant working system can be divided into two parts. First part weighing; Sand and stone are transported to the aggregate blending machine by the loader. And they need to be weighed according to the pre-set proportions. In addition, cement and volatile ash must be weighed with a powder weighing system. Water and fly ash must be weighed with a water weighing system. It should be noticed that the weighing process is simultaneous.

Second part mixing; Weighed aggregate, cement and water should be transferred to the mixer machine and then mixed. Concrete batching plant adopts twin shaft forced mixer machine. The effect on the mixing quality increases somewhat. Finally, the whole stage is completed and concrete is made.


How Does a Concrete Plant Work?

Concrete cannot be expected to form naturally by itself.Betonun oluşumu için farklı bileşenlerin birlikte olması ve bu bileşenlerin farklı prosedürlerden geçmesiyle oluşmaktadır. It is formed by the combination of different components for the formation of concrete and these components going through different procedures. Concrete batching plant enables concrete production in a practical and large scale.
Concrete batching plants combine and mix materials at the right level in production. This mixing process is among the steps that must be strictly followed for the production of solid concrete.

When the materials required for the production of the concrete mixture are combined with the use of concrete plants, the powder mixture formed is transferred to the concrete transport vehicle with the addition of water. This last action is literally a magic touch that will make the concrete ready for production. The powder mixture and water needed in concrete production are brought together and mixed, while the concrete truck is on its way to the construction site.

Main Parts Used in the Formation of Concrete Plant

The main parts in the formation of the concrete plant are the aggregate weighing band, the aggregate bin, the mixer feeding belt, the main chassis group in which the mixer is located, the cement, the silo equipment and the automation that provides the concrete plant working system.

There are 3 different types. The most used are;

  • Mobile concrete batching plants with easy installation feature used in short-term projects and very frequent location changes
  • Stationary concrete batching plants designed for the production of high quality concrete with their use in long-term projects are frequently used.

In addition, compact concrete batching plants, which are easily transported over long distances with easy installation and low cost, are among the most frequently used concrete batching plants in Turkey.

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