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In the past, all concrete batching plants were produced as fixed concrete batching plants, even the smallest ones were transported by 4-5 trucks, installed in a certain area for a certain period of time, and concrete was produced in the same way without changing the location for many years. The increase in construction projects, the increase in the need for concrete in the projects and the necessity of completing the projects in a short time; This has caused construction companies to choose to produce their own concrete for their projects from now on. Construction companies manufactured concrete batching plants with specifications that are more flexible, mobile, easy to transport and set up faster than stationary ones, in order to be able to use them in other projects after the projects were completed. The mobile concrete batching plant is designed just to these needs.

Compact concrete batching plants are plants that can be easily transported by means of containers, take up little space on the site, and can be installed in a short time thanks to the pre-assembled and laid cable structure. This modular design also combines the advantages of mobile concrete batching plants and the performance of stationary concrete batching plants. The compact concrete batching plant, which has become one of the most demanding products in recent years; It stands out with its ease of transportation, easy installation and low costs. Although it has a small structure compared to other types, it is among the most preferred reasons that it does not lose power and efficiency. Although it has a small structure compared to other types, it is among the most preferred reasons that it does not lose power and efficiency.

Concrete Batching Plant is the general name of the plants where materials such as gravel, sand, water and cement are mixed at the desired rate and quickly ready-mixed concrete is produced.

Concrete Plants have equipment such as cement silo, concrete mixer, mixer feeding belt, aggregate bin.

As Umman Concrete Batching Plants, we can manufacture 4 types of concrete batching plants.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants: Stationary concrete batching plants, designed to be used in your long-term projects, are designed for use in the ready-mixed concrete sector and contracting services, in order to fully meet your needs and according to the nature of the job, and are commissioned in such a way that you will not have any problems in the continuation of the job.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants; Mobile concrete batching plants, preferred by our customers who want a shorter and faster solution than stationary concrete batching plants, are frequently mentioned in the market with their easy transportation, fast assembly - disassembly and low operating costs.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants, which can also be expressed as skip-hoist concrete batching plants, have been designed so that the concrete batching plants do not occupy much space on the field and their transportation is cheap and in a very short time. This type of concrete batching plants are produced in the form of containers or to be shipped with containers. It does not need foundation and loading ramp due to its structure.


We can list the advantages of compact concrete batching plants as follows:

  • Modular structure and possibility to be shipped pre-assembled
  • Fast and easy installation (1-2 days)
  • Economical sea and road transport
  • Possibility of installation in restricted area
  • Easy relocation possibility
  • Flexibility in the configuration phase
  • It is easy and minimal foundation cost.

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