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More Designed to meet very low and medium requirements and ensure maximum productivity and reliability in high quality concrete production. Stationary concrete batching plants can pour all kinds of mass concrete types with high homogeneity in different slump intervals.


High durability, easy carrying, fast installation, long life designed according to the working principle.


Parts of the plant are designed to require minimum labor and effort in the field. The main chassis and aggregate bunker are transported by making two main parts into one block. This structure both facilitates transportation and reduces installation time.


In our concrete batching plants; We use the equipment of global brands that have proven quality. The spare parts of the equipment we use are easily available in the markets, so you can maintain your production with minimum downtime and long-term reliable operation.


Designed with CE standards adopted throughout the world, our products are the most used business tools in the industry with their quality and durability.

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30 m³/h

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Technicial Specifications

Plant Capacity m³/h 30
Mixer Specifications
MixerCapacity m³/h 0.5
DryFillingCapacity Litre 750
CompactedConcrete Litre 500
Motor Power kW 22
Weighing Hopper Capacitys
Agregate Weighing Capacity kg 1500
Cement Weighing Capacity kg 300
Water Weighing Capacity Litre 200
Addivites Weighing Capacity Litre 10
Agregate Bin
Agregate Compartment Adet 3
Compartment Capacity 10
Total 30
Aggregate Weighing Conveyor
Width mm 600
Length mm 11100
Motor Power kW 7.5
Transfer Belts
Width mm 600
Length mm 24000
Motor Power kW 11
Cemen tScrew Conveyor
Diameter mm 193
Length mm 8000
Motor Power kW 7.5
Total kW 60

Product images

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