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UMC120 Aspendos Mobile Concrete Batching Plant with a Central Capacity of 120 m³ / h, preferred by our customers who want a shorter and faster solution compared to stationary concrete batching plants. Since all parts of the plant are designed to be placed on the main frame, they can be transported with a single tractor. UMMAN Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are the most preferred type of port with its portability, quick installation and ease of use in small areas, high performance and quality.


Our plants have strong and solid structure


Parts of the power plant are designed to require minimum labor and effort in the field. Mobile concrete batching plant is ready to use without installation.


UMC 120 Mobile Concrete Plant; It can be transported with only one trailer truck with its All Equipment. All Mobile Concrete Plants we produce are manufactured with double axles for a stable and reliable transportation.


Designed with CE standards adopted throughout the world, our products are the most used business tools in the industry with their quality and durability.

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120 m³/h

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Technicial Specifications

Plant Capacity m³/h 120
Mixer Specifications
MixerCapacity m³/h 3
DryFillingCapacity Litre 4500
CompactedConcrete Litre 3000
Motor Power kW 110
Weighing Hopper Capacitys
Agregate Weighing Capacity kg 7000
Cement Weighing Capacity kg 1800
Water Weighing Capacity Litre 1000
Addivites Weighing Capacity Litre 50
Agregate Bin
Agregate Compartment Adet 4
Compartment Capacity 10
Total 40
Transfer Belts
Width mm 1000
Length mm 14450
Motor Power kW 22
Cement Screw Conveyor
Diameter mm 273
Length mm 11500
Motor Power kW 15
Total kW 175

Product images

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