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Environmental policy

As Umman Concrete Plants; Effective use of resources, continuous improvement of the environmental management system, environment and environment, with reference to applicable laws and regulations in the Design, Manufacturing and Installation activities of Fixed and Mobile Concrete Plants, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Parquet and Biriket Machines and Related Equipment and All Types of Steel Construction Structures. The basis of our environmental policy is the identification of the relevant hazards, the necessary risk assessment, the prevention of pollution by eliminating the hazard, the separation of the wastes that may occur during our activities and their recycling through the most appropriate methods.

Within the scope of our Environmental Policy;

– Training our employees, immovables and suppliers in order to raise awareness about environmental aspects and environmental programs within our fields of activity,
– Planning and implementing primarily recycled or final disposal activities by licensed companies in a controlled manner by separating solid, liquid and gas wastes that may occur during our activities, at the source.
– Reducing fuel, energy and water consumption whenever possible to minimize pollution,
– To consider environmental issues in all investment and supply decisions,

As Umman Concrete Plants; We know how valuable the environment is. In this context; We undertake and declare to make the requirements of environmental legislation in order to best protect our environment in line with sustainable environment and sustainable development principles.

Sustainable Environment
It refers to the process of rehabilitation, protection and development of all environmental values ​​(social, economic, physical, etc.) that make up the environment of both today and future generations, without compromising the existence and quality of the resources that future generations will need.

Sustainable Development
It refers to the development and development based on establishing a balance between environmental, economic and social goals that ensure that today and future generations live in a healthy environment.

As Umman Concrete Plants, we are aware that; The environment is not the legacy of our grandparents, but the trust of our grandchildren!

Quality policy

– Continuous quality production,
– Reliable service,
– Delivery on time, – Spare parts support,
– After-sales services,
– Trained staff,
– Modern machinery and equipment,

Our main policy is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by producing products in line with the legislation and standards, above customer demands and expectations, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system while doing this.

While performing our services, as a company;

– To continuously improve production lines and systems,
– To ensure that employees reach a sufficient level not only in quality issues but also in occupational health and safety and environmental issues,
– Taking the necessary steps to have a say in the international market,
– To dominate the quality awareness not only in itself but also in its suppliers,
is our main goal.

It is the quality policy of our company to be an institution that is identified with quality, by establishing beautiful and permanent facilities in accordance with the conditions of the age and by using technology, with an understanding that cares about the environment with occupational health and safety in our productions.

Our Ohsas Policy

In order to prevent occupational accidents and health deteriorations that may occur in the Design, Manufacturing and Erection activities of all types of Steel Construction Structures, reference to the current legislation, conducting risk assessments for all activities carried out, planning the necessary activities to reduce the hazards determined after risk assessment and eliminating hazards with the most appropriate methods. forms the basis of our occupational health and safety policy.

Within the scope of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy;

– To train our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors in order to raise awareness about occupational health and safety within our fields of activity,
– Continuous improvement of the OHSAS system established to minimize work accidents and ensuring the active participation of employees,
– To consider occupational health and safety issues in all investment and supply decisions,

As Umman Concrete Plants; In line with the principles of occupational health and safety, we commit and declare to fulfill the requirements of the occupational health and safety legislation for the best protection of employees, business and production.