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Established under the title UMMAN MACHINERY, the brand (Umman Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machinery Production) has aimed to reach those in need in Turkey and in the World within its area of activity. Main area of activity of our company is the production of machinery which manufacture products such as parquet stone, curb, briquette and ashlar in various shapes and dimensions. These machineries are fully-equipped concrete block production plants together with aggregate bunker and scaling units, concrete mixers and conveyor belts.

For production of all machineries and auxiliary equipment, Umman Machinery uses high-quality products of companies leading their own sector. Combining over a half century of experience and knowledge with quality raw materials and workmanship, Umman Machinery produces its machineries and products under the assurance of CE .ISO 9001 2008.TSE, OHSAS to ensure long years of smooth and fully functional performance. Concrete parquet production plant solutions provided by Umman Machinery to its customers include fully automatic machine, semi-automatic machine and manual machine options. All these machineries operate with hydraulic system. In concrete parquet production plants containing fully automatic machinery, each unit of the plant is interconnected and operated by computer-controlled automation system.

One of the leading concrete block machinery producers in the sector, Umman Machinery maintains its high quality and cost-effective production philosophy which completely meets customer expectations with the efforts of its engineers and qualified personnel as well as continuously renewing and improving itself and its products with its broad knowledge and experience.

Umman Block Machinery realizes its objective to detect and completely fulfill the needs of its customers by providing customizable solutions. It ensures that investments are used as efficient as possible with concrete block production plants suitable for every capacity and requirement. Providing services in over 45 countries, Umman Machinery’s aim is to make its name known throughout the world by its products and services which exceeds the expectations of its customers.

Umman Machinery is focused on achieving unconditional customer satisfaction with all its products. It believes that continuous development and training of all employees are essential for constant improvement of its products and systems. Umman Machinery aims to produce and improve excellent product quality under its name, and aims to urgently and rapidly fulfill your, our valuable customers’, needs without compromising quality with its service network and spare part assurance and to make timely productions, thus broadening its product range according to your suggestions and demands.


High durability, easy carrying, fast installation, long life designed according to the working principle.


Parts of the machine are designed to require minimum labor and effort in the field.


Having the experience of more than 45 years in the industry with its technical team and customer-oriented vision, being able to apply all kinds of machine parts and technological knowledge in the field. Umman Makina is preferred in terms of finding solutions to the needs of the sector and carrying these solutions to the field.


Designed with CE standards adopted throughout the world, our products are the most used business tools in the industry with their quality and durability.

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Technicial Specifications

Capacity Palet/h 150/180
Mortar Bucket Number Piece 2
Total power Kw 125
Voltage V 380
Total weight Ton 27
Mortar Silo Capacity m³/h 1
Hydraulic Pressure Bar 150
Pallet Drive
Pallet Drive System Chained
Pallet Lifting System Hydraulic
Motor power 1,5 Kw
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Product Pictures

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